Please Read The Short Letter Below Quickly To Find Out How To “Read” Messages From Your Angels In The Numbers Around You...AND Access Healing Energy On-Demand With The Angel Energy Bank
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Ric & Liz Thompson
RE: Become A Founding Member Of The Angel Energy Bank Today And Get Unlimited Access To Your Angels’ Codes 

Dear Friend of Angels,

Congratulations! We are about to connect you with your Archangels and start sending you their communications via email...

But did you know you can actually start to see messages from your angels NOW, in the numbers all around you, if you know how to look for them? 
The truth is, angels are always trying to send you messages and healing energy in the form of NUMBERS...but in order to know what the numbers mean, you need a “decoder” so that you can decipher their meaning whenever you encounter them.

Think about it.

Ever noticed that when you see numbers like 111, or 555, or maybe get a bit of a weird feeling, almost as if the numbers had a kind of extra, electric or energetic charge to them?

Well, you’re right.

Certain numbers DO have energetic charges, and they actually carry meanings imbedded in them as well...but only a few people on the planet know how to read and interpret these “encoded” numeric messages from the angels.
Meet The 9 “Masters”
There are 9 “Master Readers” (that we know of) who are able to understand what each of these numeric codes means when you see them in the world…

And they have created something around this special set of numbers that not only allows you to access the meaning of each number when you see it - but to access the stored “energetic charge” of that number (instantly) - too! 

They call it the “Angel Energy Bank”...
And when you’re a member, you can click on any of these numbers (shown in the example image to the left) when you happen to come across them in your day-to-day life, and when you do...

Not only will you be able to see what “message” your angel is trying to send you at a glance…

But you will also be able to access a shot of “stored energy” by following the instructions for “downloading” the energy directly from the number into your body, which will be given to you when you click on the number (after you are a member of the site).
Why These Numbers Hold Energy For You
You might be wondering, “Why do these numbers hold energy, and won’t they become depleted if people are accessing and downloading it every day?”

It’s actually very simple. You see...

The 9 “Masters” are actually Reiki Masters, who have deposited specific access points to angelic energetic frequencies that can easily and effortlessly connect you to the angels any time you need or desire it, in each of the numbers in The Angel Energy Bank.

Once you have access, it’s easy to tap into the powerful healing and clearing energies stored there, just by clicking on the bar with the number you are looking to decode.

The Angel Frequencies in the Energy Bank consist of 11 separate "accounts" that call upon the angelic energy coded into their various number sequences.

Basically once you've accessed the accounts, any time you see one of the frequencies, you're directly connected to the angels speaking to you though them.
SPECIAL NOTE:  If you are at an especially difficult time right now in life, or need extra healing, your extra use will NOT affect, hurt, or limit anyone else’s experience. 
This is because the 9 Masters have “programmed” the Energy Bank with the stunning ability to refresh whatever has been “withdrawn” by its users. So please, if you need more, then take it! This is why the Bank was created.

What Does It Cost To Be A Member Of
The Angel Energy Bank?
As you might already be aware, normally a single Reiki session with a general practitioner would cost at least $50. Sessions with Masters can be $75-$100 or more.

So even if membership to the Angel Energy Bank were to cost $75-$100 a month, as you can imagine, it would be totally worth it. 

However, we won’t charge that.

Because you chose to connect with your Three Archangels today, we are going to give you a once-in-a-lifetime chance to get an incredible deal today!

But first - I want to make sure you know that we have just added…

Two Amazing Bonuses!
If you can sign up for your membership today, you will also get two EXTRA energy banks which you can tap into any time you wish…
Each of these Chakra Reiki Banks is honestly worth just as much as the Angel Energy Bank...but each is specifically targeted to cleansing or healing a specific Chakra for you…

All you have to do is click on the tab you choose, and you will easily be able to access a meditation image and 20-30 minute ritual addressing what you need for that Chakra…


So, IF you can press the button below, and become a member before you leave this page…you’ll get full access to the Angel Energy Bank AND both Chakra Cleansing & Healing Banks, for FREE!

Here’s how it works...

We’ll give you a 7-day, full-access FREE TEST DRIVE today to The Angel Energy both Bonus Chakra Banks...for just $0 (to continue at $19.97/month ONLY if you decide to stay).


Ok, so I know that’s hard to believe, right? 

I mean, WHY would we let you access a service that should cost $100 a month, for nothing?

The only reason we are doing it is this.

You see, we are so certain that once you see how amazing these Reiki Sessions are, we are certain you’ll want to stay for a long, long time…

But even then, if you decide to stay, we STILL won’t charge you what this service is really worth! Nope.

If you choose to keep your membership, you’ll only pay $19.97 per month… and you can STILL access the Energy Bank and do as many sessions as you want, no limit!

So Please...before you go
Take this ONE opportunity you have right now to click on the button below and “Lock In” 
your FREE TEST DRIVE to The Angel Energy Bank right now…
Much love and light,
Liz & Ric Thompson
Cosmic Vibes
P.S. Please press the button below before you go and we will activate your your FREE TEST DRIVE to The Angel Energy Bank (plus the Chakra Cleansing & Healing Banks) today so you will always be able to read messages from your Archangels in the numbers around you (as well as tap into the energy stored in those numbers for you by our Reiki Masters)...
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